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Personal Stationary
Business Card Reveal I am happy to show the latest photos of my own personal business and thank you cards in this post! The business card is meant to show off my personalized icons, and kept clean and simple. We the Printers did a wonderful job with the printing for a great price (I highly recommend).
That’s the way the cookie crumbles…
That’s the way the cookie crumbles… This tasty little package was an on-the-fly project at work to make a cookie design for one of our clients INTotal Health. We had helped them rebrand entirely from their parent company Amerigroup and we thought it completely necessary to reward them with deliciously branded cookies. Here have a bite…
Sniff Candle Co.
Sniff Candle Co. One Soy Candle to Rule them all… In college I always loved working with my hands in all of my art elective classes. However, since those good ol’ days I find myself developing carpel tunnel from spending hours behind my laptop. One saturday I decided I needed a break from my laptop and ventured out to the mall.
Coming Soon: Brooke in Boots… The Blog
Coming Soon: Brooke in Boots… The Blog Brooke in boots... and sandals... wedges... platforms... combat boots... cowgirl boots.. The list goes on as the premier shoe blog I have dreamt about is in the works. Read about how I was inspired to move forward with this project and stay tuned to see my progress on the design of the logo as well as the page.
Don’t Let Faux Bold Happen to YOU!
Don’t Let Faux Bold Happen to YOU! Faux Bold can plague your fancy typefaces when using @font-face if not used correctly. Take a quick peak at some of my highlighted resources to make sure you don't make the same mistakes!
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