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Coming Soon: Brooke in Boots… The Blog

The Idea

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…. It’s 7 A.M., I hit my snooze button and pop out of bed searching for the coffee pot so that I can turn my brain on. Three sips of joe and I’m ready to go, ready to charge into my closet and slip on something wonderful. After years of collecting, trading, blogging, and online shopping for the perfect pair of shoes, I finally feel like my collection is near complete (but what collection really is…). There are expensive pairs, cheap pairs from target, ones made from leather, colorful ones, vintage ones, and … well let’s just say fabulous ones (I could go on forever). As I slip on a pair of Sam Edelman boots I was given for christmas a thought pops into my head, “I have all these wonderful pairs… I need to share these… BLOG… YES! … I must blog…”. Not only can I give to the public great advice on where to buy some great shoes, but I can review them, pair them with outfits, be artistic, and let my small voice be heard.

A Little Hint

I don’t know why it took me so long to notice that I had a potential great idea just lingering on my feet. Coworkers and friends would pass by me and snicker, “Another Pair of Boots Brooke?… Those are ADORABLE where did you get those!?… Hey Brooke in boots – what’s up?” BOOM. An idea was born… The name was so catchy and I have plenty of material.


My new blog should be up and running in the coming months as I put together a few new stories of some great spring finds (as well as designing the logo). I’d like to try my hand at creating a hand-lettered logo for the blog, similar to the style of Jessica Hische (my design idol). Also, for the fashion crazed, the rumor is that if you have your own blog you can easily enter fashion week at any season to write about upcoming styles (future dream). I will update this story with future posts regarding my design process for this blog, so stay tuned!

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