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Don’t Let Faux Bold Happen to YOU!

May 1st, 2013

The Problem…

As I began creating this wordpress site for my portfolio, I ran into one too many challenges. The challenges have helped me grow and taught me some basic “need-to-knows” that they don’t mention in school. One of the first and extremely frustrating was having my H1’s and H2’s showing up with this ugly double bold. It took me forever to climb the mountain and get my @font-face to work, and when it did I felt like I could conquer the world (small feat I know, but I’m no expert developer). With the excitement of getting my new sexy typeface Jubilat (from the darden studio) to work followed this frustrating road block. I hit the blogs trying to see if anyone else had run in to the same issue and found a bounty of resources. Now friends and fellow designers I am passing you this gold nugget of knowledge, do with it what you will:

Faux Bold Resources

In Conclusion

As you can see this topic seems to be buzzing in the web world, so take a look at the articles above if you are experimenting with @font-face and remember to stray away from defining a rule for each font style. When you do create your font rule, remember to define it’s weight, (Ex. Font-Weight:Italic) and you will avoid that nasty looking faux bold. As I move forward experimenting with CSS for my website im sure im going to discover even more interesting quirks about web, so stay tuned for more helpful tips!

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