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Sniff Candle Co.

One Soy Candle to Rule them all…

In college I always loved working with my hands in all of my art elective classes. However, since those good ol’ days I find myself developing carpel tunnel from spending hours behind my laptop. One saturday I decided I needed a break from my laptop and ventured out to the mall. Little did I know that a dose of inspiration was one yankee candle away. I needed a candle… and not just any candle, a GOOD candle. I found myself in the yankee candle store opening every jar to see what smell spoke to me the most. One glance at the price of my Seaside Breeze candle and a thought popped into my mind. Why shell out all of my hard earned cash if I could just make these myself!? I immediately turned to google for my most pressing questions, “How does Yankee Candle DO IT!” I discovered that the yankee candle is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing, expressing harmful chemicals into the air disguised as an alluring scent. Another few hours of research and I decided that my next project would be to make my own eco-friendly and safe soy candles.

The Design

I’ve always read that the best ideas are simple ones. Develop a product thats true to its promise and isn’t overly complicated and you will have an instant hit. I want my candles to smell amazing, are easy on the eyes and are good to the earth as well as our bodies. That led me to the name, “Sniff”. (Sniff Candle Company to be exact) I’d love to create a hand lettered decorative label in the style similar to Louise Fili or Jessica Hische. I’d like to focus on scents mainly inspired from food that will heed you to sniff… and sniff.. and sniff. The packaging will also come in a recyclable box. At this time I haven’t moved forward with the design, but in the coming days I hope to begin with the logo (Check back soon for future updates).

True Life… Candle Making

After diligent research I realized that making candles won’t be an easy feat. It has alot to due with the science of the melting point of the wax and whether or not your fragrance oil drowns the flame or not depending on the temperature (I wont bore you with details). It’s going to be messy, but I intend to film and/or take photos of every embarrassing disaster and or success. So stay tuned for future updates on Sniff Candle Co. its going to be a waxy ride ;)

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